Technowood PTS NEO Extracorporeal circuit
extracorporeal circuit

Technowood PTS Neo

Each part is designed to make assembly quicker and more efficient. Customization can also be accommodated to fit the user’s workflow and clinical needs.
PTS NEO is coated with Technowood-exclusive TH-1 coating. TH-1 is composed of hydrophilic proteins embedded in a hydrophobic mosaic layer which resembles the structure of cell membranes. This combination provides an uneven surface which prevents platelet adhesion to reduce emboli formation. Japanese clinical studies have also shown how TH-1 reduces CPB-related inflammatory response by suppressing the activation of fibrinogen, bradykinin and C3a.
A special feature of the PTS NEO is the sterile sheet. The sterile sheet provides a barrier between the machine side and the sterile surgical field such that the heart-lung machine can be placed very close to the operating table to have a dramatic decrease in the length of the tubing needed. This decreases the priming volume and minimizes complications related to CPB.

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