Company History

July 1954

Tonokura Kikaiten Ltd. was founded in 2-35 Kayabacho, Taitou ward, Tokyo with a starting capital of ¥300,000. 

oct 1962

In 1957, Professor Sakakibara of Tokyo Women’s Medical University led a research on an artificial heart-lung machine and presented it at the International Heart Surgery Conference in Mexico as part of the JETRO exhibit. The research got a favorable reception at the conference. 

sept 1964

In order to streamline business operations and stimulate growth, the company changed from Tonokura Kikaiten Ltd. to TONOKURA IKA KOGYO CO., LTD. 

july 1968

As part of the Japanese Technology Assistance Program of the Colombo Plan, a set of Tow Nok Heart Lung Machine and heart surgery devices were exported to Indonesia. Professor Sakakibara of the Japan Heart Institute and Tokyo Women’s Medical University was sent to Indonesia as the head specialist. Again, the project was well-received. 

aug 1969

A set of the Tow Nok Heart Lung Machine DC-5 was exported to Vladivostok University in the Soviet Union. 

aug 1978

The company became the importer of Cordis Angio System products.

jan 1982

The company established a manufacturing division dedicated to making disposable perfusion sets used with heart-lung machines. 

dec 1987

Operating capital increased to ¥100,000,000. 

feb 1994

The head office relocated to Bunkyo ward in Tokyo. 

oct 1996

Technowood Manufacturing Corporation was established in the Philippines. 

nov 1999

Technowood America Corporation was established in the United States. 

jun 2004

Technowood International Corporation was established in order to promote growth of overseas operations. 

jun 2009

The head office relocated to Adachi ward, Tokyo 

aug 2011

In order to consolidate the company brand, the company was renamed to TECHNOWOOD CORPORATION.

dec 2015

The customer service department moved into the headquarters in Adachi.

nov 2017

Technowood Holdings Corporation was established.

DEC 2019

Technowood International Pte. Ltd. was established in Singapore.