quality policy

We have over 60 years of experience.
For the Patient

We at Technowood will comply to all related laws and regulations in order to provide medical devices that not only meet customers’ needs but also improve patient safety and comfort. Through diligent research into different techniques and technologies, and daily planning and advancement, we aim to continuously produce effective, high-quality and safe products. It is through this vision that we can contribute to society while strengthening the financial stability of the company. 


ISO13485 certified

Technowood has been ISO-certified since 2004
Certificate Number    Q5 077874 0007 Rev.02
Renewal Date              April 1, 2022
Expiration Date           March 31, 2025

Abiding to the above-mentioned quality policy, we will continue our incessant efforts to provide safe and high-quality products to earn the trust of our customers – both patients and doctors.