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Changes to "Terms of Use"
The Company may change, add, or delete the following terms of use for the convenience of the Company, so be sure to check the latest content. If you use this site after changing the terms of use, we will assume that you have consented to the change.

About the use of this site
Regarding the information on this site, a copy of the copyright is described below, and there is an agreement on the copyright and the terms of use, and the information on this site is non-commercial. It can be used only on a condition that it is used only personally, is not copied or posted on any network computer, is not broadcast on any media, and is not subject to any changes to the information. However, it cannot be used for other purposes. You must not use this site in a way that damages or overloads the site, harms the site, or harms the use of the site by others. The contents of this site are protected by law and may not be copied or imitated in whole or in part. The logos, diagrams, sounds, images, website design and layout on this site may not be reproduced, imitated or redistributed unless expressly authorized by us.

Technowood Corporation has posted information with great care to this site. However, we make no warranty of any kind on the site, whether expressed or implied, including merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and legality. The information and related charts on this site may be inaccurate due to technical inaccuracies or geographical errors. In addition, the Company may change or modify them without notice. We may make improvements, corrections or changes to the products on this site without notice. The Company cannot guarantee that functions contained in the contents of this site will not be interrupted, or errors will not occur, errors will be corrected, and the site and server will not contain computer viruses or other harmful items. In addition, we do not guarantee the correctness, accuracy, reliability, etc. of the contents of this site. All costs for necessary service, repairs, or corrections will be borne by the user, not the Company. Even if the Company or its subcontractor knows about the possibility of the damage, the Company may use the information on this site in any circumstances, including cases where the Company is negligent. We are not liable for accidental, special or serious damage caused by the unavailability of this site. We and our suppliers, regardless of whether they are contractual or not, will not be liable for any illegal or negligent use or operation of software or information, service supply or supply failure arising from loss of opportunity, loss of data, or loss of profits arising from or related to such information.

Respect for privacy
This site will manage the personal information of users as much as possible and strive to protect them. Normally, you do not need to give a name or reveal any information about yourself to access this site. However, in some cases, information such as address, name, and e-mail address may be required in order to receive a certain level of service. This site will notify you in advance when collecting personal information from users via the Internet.

Handling of personal information
The personal information of users acquired on this site will be handled in accordance with the privacy policy of Technowood Corporation. Please see here for more information on handling of personal information.

Handling of links
The contents of third-party sites other than Technowood Corporation that link to or from this site (hereinafter referred to as “link sites”) are managed by each company's responsibility. Please follow the terms and conditions of use of each site and the copyrights regarding the use of each site. Technowood Corporation is not responsible for the contents of the link sites or for any damage caused by using them.
In addition, please observe the following contents when you link to this site.

1. Linking to this site is basically free for non-profit purposes. If you would like to link from a commercial site, or if you are unable to determine the distinction between commercial and non-profit, please contact us at information @ technowood. co. jp. However, if the site is determined to be unacceptable by Technowood Corporation, such as a site that violates public order or morality, regardless of whether it is for-profit or non-profit, the link to this site will be cancelled.
2. As a general rule, the link destination of this site should be set to the top page (https://www.technowood.co.jp). If you wish to link to a page other than the top page, please contact our site contact information @ technowood. co .jp and obtain our permission.
3. Please correctly indicate “Technowood Corporation” or “Technowood” when linking to this site.

Access to this site and download
This site is managed and operated in our office located in Japan. We do not guarantee that the contents of this site are appropriate or available for use in other countries or regions. Those who access this site from other countries or regions will be voluntary and will be responsible for compliance with the laws of each country.
The software on this site cannot be downloaded, exported, or re-exported to countries, corporations, and people whose export is regulated by laws and regulations of Japan. When downloading or using the software, you are responsible for not being subject to the above regulations.

These terms and conditions are valid until terminated by you or us. By destroying all contents, copies, devices, etc. related to this site, regardless of whether all contents obtained from this site and whether it was created in accordance with these Terms of Use, the Terms of Use can be terminated at any time.
These Terms of Use may be terminated immediately without notice at the sole discretion of the Company if the user is in violation of the terms of these Terms of Use. Upon termination, all contents obtained from this site and other Company sites, and copies of all sites and other Company sites, whether or not made in accordance with these Terms of Use must be destroyed.

Trademark rights
The trademark "Technowood" used on this site, its logo, and other names of our products are the property of our company including our registered trademarks. Other product and company names on this site may be the property of their respective trademark owners. Any rights not expressly granted in these Terms of Use may not be used.

About copyright
Technowood Corporation respects the intellectual property rights of third parties, and users shall respect the intellectual property rights of third parties as well. The copyright of the contents (characters, photos, illustrations, etc.) posted on this site belongs to Technowood Corporation and is protected by the Japanese Copyright Act and international treaties.
Reprinting of images / articles including catalog information and data accompanying them, beyond the scope explicitly permitted by private use and other laws (reproduction, modification, uploading, posting, transmission, distribution, (Including licensing, sales, publishing, etc.) is prohibited unless prior written permission is obtained. In addition, all or part of the contents of this site cannot be modified without permission.

Governing law
Use of this site and interpretation and application of these Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Japan unless otherwise specified. For all disputes related to the use of this site, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance unless otherwise specified.
If any part of these Terms of Use is deemed to be a violation of law, invalidity, or not valid for any reason, it shall not affect the validity of any other part of these Terms of Use. .